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viernes, 11 de diciembre de 2009

Tj Davis [20 Aniversary] [MU]


00 Ouverture
01 Wonderful Life
02 I Believe
03 Yesterday Has Gone
04 Am I only dreaming
05 Show me your love
06 Holding On
07 Time
08 You can love me?
09 It Doesnt Really
10 State of Mind
11 Dont Wait
12 I Can Still Believe
13 Can you feel the sunshine?
14 Living in the city
15 Back in Time
16 Work it Out
17 Diamonds in the sky
18 Super Sonic Racing
19 Number One
20 Rhytmin To my Life
21 Follow the light


01 Im loving with you
02 My beatiful friend
03 Brilliant Feeling
04 FestivalBar 97 (With Lisa Stanfield)
05 Abba Bjorn (Live @ Waterloo and Super Trouper)
06 Abba Bjorn (Live @ S.O.S. and Knowing Me Knowing You)
07 Abba Bjorn (Live @ Fernando and The Winner Takes It All)
08 Abba Bjorn (Live @ Money Money and Take a Chance On Me)
09 Abba Bjorn (Live @ Mamma Mia and Dancing Queen)
10 Abba Bjorn (Live @ Thank You For The Music)
11 Gary Numan (Live @ Outland)
12 Gary Numan (Live @ Down in the Park)
13 Gary Numan (Live @ Shame)
14 Gary Numan (Live @ Generator)
15 Gary Numan (Live @ I Don´t Believe and Bombers)
16 Gary Numan (Live @ It must have been years and Thats too bad)
17 Gary Numan (Live @ Mission and Machina Soul)
18 Gary Numan (Live @ My Breathing)
19 Gary Numan (Live @ My world storm)
20 Gary Numan (Live @ Respect)
21 Diamonds in the Sky (Live SoS'08)
22 Dreams Dreams (Live Sos'08)
23 I Can Still Believe (Live SoS'08)
24 Can you feel the sunshine (Live SoS'08)


01 Wonderful Life (Ian Van Dahl Mix)
02 I Believe (Radio Video Edit)
03 I Believe (Original Extended Mix)
04 I Believe (Manian Vs Triffid Remix)
05 I Believe (Fan Remix)
06 In Love With You (Original Mix)
07 In Love With You (Robbie Rivera Mix)
08 In Loving With You (Quo Vadis Remix)
09 Brilliant Feeling (Happy House Mix)
10 Breakout (London Remix)
11 The Power (Wand Remix)
12 Let There Be Love (Renaissance Mix)
13 Can you feel the sunshine (Acid Mix)
14 Super Sonic Racing (Instrumental Mix)
15 Living in the City (Funny Mix)
16 Work it Out (Red Raw Mix)



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